Knits From The Woodlot patterns are available on Ravelry and Patternfish.
Patterns have been tech edited and test knit.

Frenchman’s Bay Cape

Frenchman’s Bay is a reversible cape, in worsted weight yarn, worked in the round, top down, from the cowl neckline to the Gansey textured knit and purl body.

The cape is cast on provisionally and worked in a knit 5, purl 1 rib that widens to a knit 15, purl 1 rib past the shoulder. A knit and purl stitch pattern creates the Gansey-inspired diamond shapes of the body. I-cord cast-off finishes both the hem and the neckline.

Carefully weaving in ends ensures that the cape may be worn either right or wrong side out… your choice.

The cape is available in two sizes, small/medium and medium/large.

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Petticoat Creek Cowl

The Petticoat Creek Cowl is named for the waterway that twists and flows through a nearby conservation area. This reversible cabled cowl is available in  two sizes: a long, narrow, infinity cowl, worn twisted double for warmth or left to hang decoratively, or a smaller, single loop cowl that fits inside a coat collar.

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Saturday Bread Baker’s Mitts

Felted Saturday Bread Baker’s Mitts were inspired by the thick cloth baker’s mitts historically worn hanging from bakers’ wrists ready to pull hot pans from ovens. They are fast and easy to slip on, work well as temporary hot pads, and are fun to swing around your wrists.

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The Park Crescent Cowl

The Park Crescent Cowl is a very stretchy circle of reversible cables, worked in the round from the bottom up. Cables cross to the right, then to the left, every eight rows, and feature a tubular cast-on and cast-off.

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