7 Reasons to Love Wooden Knitter’s Tools

I love wooden knitters’ tools. I suppose it makes perfect sense that someone with a site called Knits From the Woodlot should be as enamoured of wooden tools as I am. The photo above shows my newest acquisition, a wooden swift from ChiaoGoo. It has the qualities that I value in knitting tools – graceful lines, touchable surface, quiet and smooth working order, functional.

  • Wooden tools look good and are often quite beautiful. Knitting, be it our passion, our pastime, or our work, is visible, so our tools often as much as home decor as utilitarian items.
  •  Surrounding  ourselves with items that look good help us to feel good. They  enhance our lives one glimpse at a time.
  • Wooden tools are warm and touchable, qualities that plastic tools, however functional, rarely have.
  • I couldn’t find any facts about the number of trees cut down to make wooden tools or the barrels of oil pumped and processed to make plastic tools. If I think about the extended lifecycle of wooden furniture compared to plastic, it seems intuitively correct to believe that wooden knitting tools last longer and so are less of a strain on our environment. Correct me if I’m wrong.
  • Some wooden tools are made by craftspeople, like this lovely, dark and light wood cone holder (in use above) I received as a birthday gift. The upper part spins on the lower and the two can be separated to accommodate both a cone and a cake of yarn. I almost hate to use it and hide its lovely lines.  It’s a  perfect gift for someone who likes to knit from cones.
  • We can make some wooden tools ourselves, like these highly functional but somewhat less than beautiful yarn cone holders, with the square bases. These triple and single yarn cone holders were made-to-order by my husband. Simple stuff -rectangles of 3/4″ plywood with 1/2″ holes drilled in them, fitted with dowels, well sanded to allow for easy yarn gliding, and glued. Easy (for me to say anyway) and really appreciated.
  • These wooden yarn holders work well for cakes and balls of yarn, too, especially when you haven’t been able to locate the sometimes elusive centre-pull strand.

Now if only someone would come up with a wooden yarn winder. Let me know if one exists.




10 Replies to “7 Reasons to Love Wooden Knitter’s Tools”

  1. I too have this swift- and have had it for many years! Its perfect for me and oh so functional! I also have a beautiful wooden yarn bowl. Wooden tools are amazing.

    1. How could I not think of wooden bowls?
      My husband and I made one from a wooden salad bowl, with two places for yarn. It was a gift for a couple of knitters so they could sit side by side and knit. Truth – I instructed, he used the jig saw.

  2. Funny, Julie!
    Why did I not mention that this swift is an Amish design? Your post My Amish Mistake, reminded me. Thanks!

    1. Wow, it’s gorgeous but way beyond my budget! Thanks, Pat. If an inheritance comes my way I’ll consider it. It certainly is a tool that could be passed down to future fibre fans.

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