A Knitter’s Response to My Sale

I laughed and was totally charmed by this very personal reaction to my yarn sale announcement last week.  I first met my correspondent, Jonty, at a YarnOver SleepOver Retreat 5 years ago. She is an amazing knitter, hilariously funny, and can be counted on to model enticingly in the Saturday night Fashion Share. And she uses the word “accoutrement”. Love that.

Another title for this blog post could be The Mind of a Knitter. Knitters will feel completely at home with Jonty when they read this; non knitters may be shocked. (My editor, my husband, said, “You’re all crazy!”)
We call it passion.
Hi Gayle,
 I’m sorry to be missing this!  I’m going to be away during your sale.
 Here were my emotions when I read about it:
 Excitement.  Yay!  A yarn Sale
Joy. Pure joy at the thought of a yarn sale, because, well, I’m a knitter.
Disappointment.  I’m out of the country during the sale date.
Alarm.  Why is Gayle selling her stash?  Is she OK?
Realization.  I have more yarn than I can get through in my lifetime in my knitting room already and more projects queued on Ravelry than any one human could possibly achieve.  Which led to……my final feeling
Understanding.  I understand the feeling of ‘weightiness’ that the yarn and accompanying accoutrements can bring.
I have a whole room in my house dedicated to my knitting supplies and books. We even took the bed out of that room, replacing it with a Murphy Bed so I wouldn’t feel so crowded when I’m in there.  I gave little thought to what guests would feel like when staying in there with my yarn.  The fact that most of my guests aren’t knitters and wouldn’t appreciate the neatly displayed and categorized yarn, didn’t enter my head. 
In this ‘guest’ room, there is also a glass-walled curio cabinet that I keep my finished projects in and perhaps, my largely non-knitting guests may view this as a space waster.  I didn’t even contemplate that the ‘sheepy’ smell that emanates from the contents of those carefully catalogued and maintained shelves may not  be pleasant to the non-knitter.  (As an aside, my husband is always shocked when I pick up a skein of yarn and bring it to my face for a deep inhale.  He simply doesn’t get it. Maybe I don’t either.)
I have more than I can possibly get through, and yet, I’m continually excited about purchasing more yarn, more patterns and queuing more projects on Ravelry.  When I start a new project, I typically buy yarn for it and less often visit the ever growing stash yarn. 
I’m not there yet, but there may come a day that I will contemplate off-loading my own precious yarn collection.  I still get a high from it.  Still covet it.  Still can’t imagine parting with anything I own (which is why I initially felt so alarmed at you doing so).  I still love to knit and, of late, after a busy weekend with label maker in hand getting my stash re-sorted and organized, I vowed to actually start using my leftovers and I have begun.
It dawned on me today, that what I’m describing could very well be an addiction, this joy of knitting that doesn’t make any logical sense when you look at it from another angle, the angle of the non-knitter, that is.  (My reactions to your sale, listed above, were reminiscent of a 12-step program).
I suspect I’ll know when I’ve hit the phase you’re currently at when the passion for the stash wanes, or when entering the knitting room brings me a sense of weightiness or heaven forbid, clutter.
That’s when I’ll know it’s time.
Until that time, perhaps when I see the list of what you’re selling, I can ask my enabler (Lena) to purchase on my behalf.

10 Replies to “A Knitter’s Response to My Sale”

  1. Love it. I am discipling myself and using up my stash of yarn, which takes up several corners in several rooms and my office. Yikes. Knitters are nuts!!

    Have a great sale!!

  2. Oh boy – this hits pretty close to home!
    I purchased my Brother P-Touch specifically for the purpose of organizing my yarn! And that is an on-going dilemma; by weight or by colour? Even after (multiple) purges, some members of my family think I have too much. And now I’ve started to sew. Yikes!

  3. Well written my beautiful younger sister. I love all the projects that you do. You are in inspiration. Being retired makes it so easy to knit all the time. I don’t mind the smell of your beautiful yarn stash when I visit. Hope to get together when you return to Canada. Love you, big sis Mary

  4. So true! Many of us knitters can relate to this. But you can also translate this to: photography/cameras or I imagine paint supplies and colours for a watercolourist. Thanks for expressing our love of knitting and yarn, Jonty!

  5. I completely relate. In fact I looked up the travel time to your home and contemplated a four hour drive across an international border to score some amazing yarn. But I don’t need anything. I don’t even really want anything. So, thankfully, I’ve talked myself down and will be going to a new knitting group instead.

    1. Thanks for a great morning laugh, Rebecca. If you ever do drive over the border for a visit, come visit me. We can talk yarn.
      Favourite words of the week are now “talked myself down”.

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