Another New Pattern – The Fascina Cowl

Hot on the heels of last week’s Marksbury Wrap is the pretty and feminine  Fascina Cowl.

To celebrate Labour Day or Labor Day, the Fascina Cowl is free, until midnight September 3rd.

It was inspired by the Fascine Braid slip stitch from Barbara Walker’s A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns. The stitch looked like ice crystals to me, but I discovered that the word fascine comes, via French, from the Latin fascina, and is commonly used to describe a bundle of sticks tied together. That makes sense, too.

Every pattern I’ve designed is reversible, until this one. The stitch pattern was just so compelling that I’ve allowed myself to veer off course.

The 4 row stitch pattern is simple and quite intuitive. Working 8 rows will have you completely at ease! The only tricky bit in the pattern is the applied border –  you add a border and bind off the last row simultaneously. Brilliant. It’s the method used on Pi Shawls, Elizabeth Zimmerman’s unvention. I love this technique. I think it’s special and I always feel a little bit like an expert when I do it.

This terrific video from Knit Purl Hunter demonstrates and explains the applied border clearly. I like to think that working the border is eating up the stitches, because you scoop up the stitches on the left needle, knit them together with the border stitches, and they are cast-off, consumed. The Fascina Cowl applied border is a bit different from the video because two stitches are consumed at once, not one. Two at a time instead of one keeps the edge from flaring.

Enjoy the pattern. Happy Labour Day weekend!





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