Gasp-Worthy Knit and Crochet

I just love fibre creations that make me gasp!

Machine Knit Constellations

On Stargazing: A Knitted Tapestry, you’ll see constellations from the entire sky, machine knit by Australian software engineer, Sarah Spencer. Simply miraculous. Her last project was a baby blanket.

Tapestry stats – 9′ (2.8m) tall/15′(4.6m) wide/33 pounds/100 hours/  Click the link to appreciate the scale of this project.

Sarah designed an algorithm that could translate pixels into stitches in one of three colours – blue, grey, and white. “It wasn’t a perfect science” she said. I’m sure she knows best, but it looks pretty perfect to me! The inherent fuzziness of yarns throws off the perfection.

Stargazing: A Knitted Tapestry consists of locally sourced Australian wool that matches the blue color of the outfits of the accomplished Australian women depicted in portraits… Sarah Spencer wanted her universe to be “dressed in a similar ultramarine blue to celebrate the achievements of all women in the fields of science.” Brava!

Crocheted Food

Also from Australia is crocheter and artist Trevor Smith. Smith crochets platters of food – lobster, cheese platter, ham, cakes, fruit, all just glorious. Trevor comes to this through a circuitous route familiar to all fibre artists. His mother taught him to crochet as a child. A degree in sculpture followed by quilting and patchwork lead to three dimensional crochet.

It’s not just food – check out this page to see a mixmaster, sewing machine, and a retro record player.

It’s too bad I can’t use the images, but follow the links and you may gasp, too.

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