Happy New Year UFOs

At this, the beginning of 2018, I share three UnFinished Objects, cardigan, vest, and shawl, knitting projects of course, from as long as 20 years ago. I’ve not resolved to complete these; I gave up resolutions years ago. Resolutions have failed in other years- more correctly, I failed – although one did work.

I quit smoking 32 years ago, on January 26, 1986 at 7:15 pm. I remember the moment of my last cigarette, in my car in a hospital parking lot, with the windows closed to make it as disgusting as possible. It was. I loved smoking but it was ruining my health and the time had come. I joined a 7th Day Adventists Smoking Cessation program at a local hospital and succeeded.

On to 2018 – I’ve dug out 3 UnFininshed Objects and hope that by sharing them here, I will be spurred on. I do still like these projects very much. Leaving them abandoned seems quite wrong at this moment.

The Cabled Cardigan

This is the oldest one, from Vogue Knitting’s 1992 10th Anniversary edition. After crocheting for a few years I took up knitting and fell hard for this cardigan – an elegant design in fine fingering weight merino. The original design called for 1,200 beads, but not being a bead person, I skipped those.

The sweater went on and on and when I pieced it together and tried it I found it went on far too long – 36″ -crazy! What was I thinking? It needed to be shortened, so I snipped the yarn and undid a row on all three pieces, separated the offending long bits, reskeined and washed the yarn – then reknit the ribbing. So far so good. I had an idea that I wanted a shawl collar but couldn’t quite come to any conclusion, so I put it away. So it sat for years until a couple of months ago when I knitted on a button band. And then it sat again, until now. Just a few inches to go, sew on the buttons, oh – and repair a little bit of moth activity on the front. Then I’ll be done. This has a hope of finishing in 2018.

The Vest

The vest pattern was in the Fall 2005 InKnitters magazine (a terrific magazine that included machine knitting as well as hand knitting, sadly no longer being published) – cables again. I’m surprised that I knit this without charts. I used a method I found somewhere for complex cabling – write out each row on index cards. It worked well, but charts are my ally now.

The yarn is Briggs and Little Heritage. I bought a ton of it at a stash sale at my local guild. Did I notice that there were two different dye lots? I did not, not until I was ready to sew it together. The front shoulders needed to be ripped out and redone. I ripped; I put it away for years in a bag labelled UFO until yesterday – when I noticed that the right front has a stripe of paler grey. Follow the arrow. The pic shows other colour variations, but those are just shadows.

I’m tempted to finish the vest and wear it as is, as a reminder. The more I consider that option, the more I like it. The vest is unlikely to be finished unless I go that route.

I’m guessing 50% of something is better an 100% of nothing but that idea may be due to my husband, who always credits his less than perfect handiwork with, “Well, at least I did it.” The fact is – he underestimates himself.

Let me know what you think, about the project, but weigh in on the husband, too, if you wish.

The Pi Shawl

In 2015, designer and blogger Glenna C. wrote about making Pi shawls. It inspired me. Check out this post of hers for all the details including the 4 decade old source, Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitter’s Almanac. I used a lovely alpaca that friends brought me from Peru. I have no idea why I stopped. Other projects most likely. It’s fantastic TV and car knitting, and I still have lots of yarn so this one has a chance of completion this year.


I’m so glad I’ve written about this. I’m feeling much more positive about these projects now, just as I’m hoping that 2018 is better than 2017… kinder, safer, generous, forgiving,  yet full of the resistance that makes us better.

Happy knitting and happy New Year!

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  1. I just finished a pair of thrummed mitts that my sister asked me to finish for her from a kit she had bought 20 years ago. It took me a day and a half. It was fun. Now to finish a crocheted vest I started a year and a half ago. 2018 may be the year of the UFO done!! I love your sweater!!

  2. I really enjoyed your “confessional”! I have to confess that I have a project that was begun in 2011 and occasionally worked on now and then. It has 200 2.5″ multicolor squares knitted of Koigu yarn. Rather than work a little on it this year and then put it away again, I have placed all the finished squares out to view the progress and see that I need 30 more to have enough to finish. It is a (hopefully beautiful) poncho type garment. I am determined to finish it before Spring!

  3. Happy New Year Gayle!
    If I only had three UFOs…….
    Yours are lovely and definitely worth completing. It’s interesting to read why you stopped each project. Sometimes our hurdles are not as big as we make them out to be.
    Inspired by you, I’ll be diving into my UFO’s today.
    (Couldn’t help but chuckle about your husband comment.)

  4. I will confess that I have more than 3 UFOs in my knitting cupboard but I won’t count them. You’ve inspired me to dig them out and resolve just what to do with them.

    They are beautiful garments definitely worth finishing. I love the cables – I’m knitting a cable pillow and am thorough enjoying it!

    Happy New Year!!

  5. I love that Vogue cardigan! They are all worth finishing though. Your knitting is beautiful. My UFOs are much simpler, no multiple cables or other complexities, but I still have difficulty finishing them!

  6. I love all posts about “cleaning up”, and I read this one to be that as well. What positive energy! Good luck!
    Also, I love Brian’s approach of “at least I did it”. At least he did it!!
    How does the Pi shawl work? Where’s the opening?

    1. You’ll be a knitter yet!
      A Pi shawl begins with a tiny circular cast on and knit out from there into a big circle, increasing the number of stitches as you go according to the formula for Pi.

  7. Awesome UFOs post. The vest looks great to me, I doubt I’d ever notice the different colour if you didn’t point it out. And I’m with Mr. Clow!

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