Happy Thanksgiving – A Very Little Bit of History and a Few Black Friday Treats

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the United States. It’s an important holiday, bigger than Christmas it seems, viewed from the country to the North.

I needed a history lesson to bump up my sparse Thanksgiving knowledge and turned to Google, of course. Two minuscule bits of information –

  • What’s known as the first Thanksgiving, a 3 day feast celebrating the first harvest, was attended by 53 Pilgrims and 90 Native Americans way back in October, 1621.
  • The turkey that’s usually consumed was native to North America.

I’m uncomfortable writing about this. My understanding is that Thanksgiving began with Pilgrims rejoicing with thanks to God for their new country, the bounty of the land, and their connection with the people they found there. It’s morphed into food, football, turkey pardons, and sales. Not to say that I don’t like food, football, turkey pardons, and sales.

But it does seem hypocritical to me to be talking about a celebration when the countries of North America have engaged in genocide against their indigenous people, and are just now beginning to make amends for their actions.

I don’t know enough to write about this complicated subject coherently, so I’ll move right along to the sales.

I’ve assembled treats from a few of my favourite sites for all the fibre folk who prefer to stay home, cozy and warm, during the shopping marathon known as Black Friday.

Colourmart is a terrific UK- based site selling remaindered yarn (cashmere, silk, extra fine merino, lambswool) from the top Italian and Scottish yarn producers. They are reaching across the ocean this Thanksgiving and offering 20% off on these yarns. The prices quoted include shipping and the yarns arrive in beautiful blue bags that set your little heart a twitter!

A favourite designer of mine, Mary Annarella, sends out a newsletter every two weeks or so and every time, I lol. (I’ve never written that before, but it expresses the delight that I feel with Mary’s missives.) Mary is giving 40% off her patterns on Ravelry. But do take a few minutes to read this week’s newsletter and be sure to get as far as the sheep photo at the end. It’s funny!

The Needle Arts Book Shop is having a sale of $5.00 off pdf orders of $15.00 or more. If you are a fan of cables, take a look at Annie Maloney’s wonderful pdf books. Annie invents new cables and has a deep and wide knowledge. I think I have all of her books. The offer includes Fiddlesticks patterns and Marsha White’s own Provenance Knits designs.

For Ravelers, the annual Indie Gift A Long has begun. This year, the 5th of the event, 311 designers from 31 countries and 6 continents are participating. 5,388 knit and crochet patterns are discounted, and almost 2,000 digital prizes will be awarded. The indie designers want to sell their patterns and become known, but the major emphasis is on fun.

And a late addition to the on-line treats is Luise O’Neill’s charming Holiday Mini Stocking Set , 25% off. They are the cutest things!

The colourful turkey photo is courtesy of bahenska. Beautiful, aren’t they? Who wouldn’t pardon them?

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