Help! My Poodle is a Yarn Eating Monster!

Writing twice in one week is an aberration for me, but I need to talk about the destructive predilections of my 11 month old poodle.

This is what he did today – my knitting was secured in a zippered bag and I found this knotted mess.

It’s hard to believe. You can see that the bag was still zipped, but he managed to make a small hole in it and get the knitting, the needles, and the yarn out and onto his teeth.

I know poodles are smart; it took him no time to learn the meaning of the words food, hungry, cookie, treat, chewie, but this particular yarn sourcing and destroying talent is beyond ridiculous. Yesterday he ripped opened a plastic bag with yarn and needles in it.

The only saving grace in all of this – I can tell when he has something that’s neither a toy nor a chewie, so I race to the location and save the knitting, the slipper, the credit card, the wallet, the shoe, from destruction. Even more of a saving grace is that Hugo is a sweetheart and he thinks he’s a lap dog, although a bit oversized at 60 pounds.

The only solution to save my projects? All knitting bags will have to be the cloth, zippered variety, at least until either I train Hugo better, or he turns into a dog. He loves the beach, too.

Last minute update – Hugo brought me a cone of yarn on my way out the door. I’m afraid to go home.

13 Replies to “Help! My Poodle is a Yarn Eating Monster!”

  1. Looks to me like he wants to get as close to you as he can.
    If he had two hands, I would say teach him how to knit! But he doesn’t so next best thing is to give him a huge ball of yarn. Tell him it’s his, point to yours and tell him this is yours.
    He sounds like a very clever animal. I think he will get the message.
    In the meantime, lock up your projects.

  2. Oh dear! He is just too smart!
    One thing – don’t let him eat lengths of yarn, as that can get around his innards and need major treatment at the vet. It sounds as though cupboards and drawers are the only answer. Or maybe aversion training?

    1. Good point. When I detangled the knotted mess in the photo there were two lengths just waiting to be swallowed. Such a good thing I got to it and him as quickly as I did.

    1. Blessed reassurance! Thank you. This has been going on for some time, and while I have been getting better trained, Hugo isn’t! Time, it’s just time.

  3. I’m not sure a fabric bag is the answer unless it is of the seriously sturdy canvas type. I have a doxie who is capable of opening or riping apart just about anything. 12 pounds of sound and fury just waiting for me to leave anything yarn related where she can reach it. She is also not the first yarnaholic dog I’ve owned. I also had a poodle mix who delighted in taking the needles out of my knitting and walking around the house with them in his mouth.

  4. I enjoyed your story. My knitting has to be put in a room behind a closed door so my 2 1/2 yr old boxer can’t get it out to play with. You are right, we are the ones that gets trained!

  5. Smart is right! I had a schnauzer and a jack russle that loved to have a romp with balls (yes plural) of yarn from one end of the house to the other, around chairs, table legs and themselves. I could do nothing but laugh! My three now (mini-poodle and two chi’s) are content to sit beside me when I knit and not bother anything.

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