I’m Having a Major Yarn Sale

It’s time for me to unload yarn that is weighing me down. Non knitters and crocheters (there are some who subscribe to my blog) may find the idea of something as light as yarn as a weight, but that’s how it feels. Something major is changing in my life; I’m not exactly sure what the change is and where I’ll end up, but I need space. I need space in order to make a new space for whoever the new me is going to be and whatever the new me is going to do. There will be knitting, just less.


Date – Saturday October 27th

Time – 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Place – 502 Park Crescent in Pickering, Ontario

Prices – $3.00 – $5.00 per skein or cone, maybe a few a bit more but not much

Yarn – All natural fibres – merino, silk, linen, linen/silk, cashmere/wool, wool, cashmere/cotton, merino/silk, wool/silk –  Weight – most are DK weight, but also lace, bulky, worsted weights – Put Ups – 150 gm cones, 100 gm skeins and some smaller – Lots of sweater quantities

I’m not quite ready to donate my yarn, I’d rather have a true bargain of a sale first, invite all the knitters I know and the ones that they know and try to recoup some of what I’ve spent over the years. I’ll donate what’s left to the Textile Museum in Toronto. I had a yarn sale when we moved houses 6 years ago. It was releasing, fun, and I met fellow knitters with whom I’m still in touch.

Please come if you live nearby. Bring your friends. Send your friends. Feel free to send this along to anyone you think might be interested. Email me if you’d like more information. See you then, I hope.




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  1. Best of luck Gayle, for whatever your upcoming adventures prove to be! I’m very tempted by your yarn sale sounds even though it would require a flight across the pond! Though come to think of it I probably have enough yarn of my own ;-)
    Take care.

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