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When I see things that interest me, I like to make a note and add them to my list of blog potentials. Here are a few treasures I’ve come across recently.

How Men and Women See Colours – Differently, Of Course

My husband and I were picking the colour for a carpet runner and it was clear that we were thinking, and seeing, differently. Our lovely salesman pulled out the pic you see above to explain what may be going on. I can’t credit the creator as I don’t know what the source is, but it’s fun and may be useful in some situations of discord.

Using Inspiration to Pick Yarn Colours

Yarn Palette is a terrific new site that chooses yarn colours based on an image you pick as your inspiration for a Fair Isle project. The yarn colours are chosen from Jamieson, Istex, or Klinta brands (more being added). You select an image from your computer, select how many different colours of yarn you want to use from 2 – 10, and click Pick Yarns.

I’ve tried a few images. Here’s an example with glorious Spring tulips, an homage to the Southern Hemisphere. I tried 5 colours.

This is the image –

I like it. Ravellers are having fun with this site and you can see what they are up to right here.

Feral Knitters

Janine Bajus, a terrific designer who specializes in Fair Isle knitting and has a site called Feral Knitters, sends out an informative post once a month and although my Fair Isle projects number just one, and that was just two colours, I consider it a worthwhile read. My persistence was rewarded this month when she mentioned the Yarn Palette site.

Here’s how the wonderful name came about – “A non-knitting friend, overhearing a discussion (about Fair Isle knitting), asked, apprehension thick in her voice, Janine, WHAT is a feral knitter? The name stuck.”

Yarn Required For Long Tail Cast-on

Jackie E-S has been designing lace patterns for way longer that most of us have been knitting. Her designs are clear and concise, her patterns are beautiful, and her mathematically oriented brain produces some extraordinary thoughts on knitting. This one, her long tail cast on, is useful. I have heard lots of calculation methods to avoid over or under estimating the yarn tail length, but this one is new to me.

Multiply the # of stitches times the millimetre needle size divided by 8, plus  some extra for weaving in later.

Using the cast-on for my Frenchman’s Bay Cape as an example, the calculation is – 108 stitches multiplied by 3.75 divided by 8 = 50 inches. I haven’t tested this, but you can find all of Jackie’s thinking behind it in this post.

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  1. Showed hubby the pic of how men and women see colours differently and we had a good laugh! Thanks for sharing. Also love the Yarn Palette site, I’m bookmarking it as I’m sure it’ll be helpful with my calligraphy projects!
    Lovely post, as always :)

  2. Wonderful and informative post Gayle. I’ve snagged that image you shared of male versus female colour perception. So so true! I honestly believed my husband must be colour blind, but it seems he’s just like all the rest of them – not so much colour blind as colour challenged!

  3. Thanks Gayle – lots of useful and interesting information. Of course, now I’ve got more reading to do. Can’t wait to try out the Fair Isle site.

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