It’s 2019 – Happy New Year!

My Yarn Sale

(For details about all those toques, scroll down!)

It’s year end and I have not written a word here since my yarn sale. It went very well, thank you! Most of all it was fun, lots of fun.

A few people suggested an annual event with lots of yarn sellers and yarn buyers. (Admit it, we are the same people). I love that idea, especially with a show and tell display – projects made from the yarn we bought in previous years. It would be inspiring to see another’s creativity at work with what no longer inspired us.

Here’s what happened –

  • it was a fun day – I know I’m repeating myself
  • people renewed acquaintances with one another, years after meeting while knitting at some other time in some other place
  • sisters of friends met up in my living room and surprised one another
  • friends gave friends rides from downtown Toronto to Pickering  
  • lots of knitters and crocheters bought lots of yarn
  • I was delighted
  • two days later, I donated everything that didn’t sell to The Textile Museum of Canada. If you are looking for high quality yarn and fabric bargains next Spring, head to their major fundraising event
  • I am happy; I have space in my work/knit/play/sew/draw room – maybe even get the knitting machine going again. And I have room to do yoga, a new interest
  • and my husband is delighted by the reduction “clutter” – his word

To everyone who came – thank you! And many thanks to my friend Kim. It would have been chaos without your enthusiastic and knowledgeable help.

See you next year for a group sale. If you live nearby, start setting aside the yarn you’re not sure about now. I’ll send out a plan early next Fall.

What are Those Toques? Lots and Lots of Toques!

A word to those in other countries, toque = beanie, although to be a toque it must stand up to cold Canadian winters, not be a fashionable skullcap, not that fashionable skullcaps aren’t simply adorable.

Hence, the warm looking toques you see above are for participants in the Ontario Parasport Games taking place in Durham in February. As is usually the case with these things, someone told someone who told more someones and quick as can be, all 400 skeins of yarn were gone to knitters across the region. Our new knitting group managed to get at least one for each of us, 18 of us, and we volunteered to knit more, too, including the red ones to sell to games attendees. We made lots. I didn’t count how many.

(Small aside – the gifts for such events are usually t-shirts, but some clever person, oh, it must have been a knitter, had the idea of toques, hand knitted toques.)

Brand new knitters in the group made toques for their very first project, so impressive, and others used the toques to reacquaint themselves with the craft after decades-long lapses. There was teaching, learning, laughing, pom pom creation, and pride. Included with each toque were these postcards, with a personal note from each knitter to the athlete who will wear it.

We were all delighted. What a pleasure for us all and what a terrific way to launch a knitting group, making something for the community.

For Christmas gifts, we made Tricksy Knitter’s Leafy Washcloth, a real skill builder, a chance to try out cotton or linen yarn, yarn without the give or bounce of wool.

Next we’re making something for ourselves, socks, two at a time on circular needles. I’ll be sitting and taking instruction for this project. I’m not a sock maker. I made one once (yes, just one). One of the experienced among us suggested this as the next project – begin making socks two at a time and we’ll never have to suffer second sock syndrome. We are all game. Brave new knitters!

Happy New Year! I’m wishing for you in your homes and your hearts what I wish for the world – less war, more sanity, less fear, more fearlessness, more compassion, care and understanding for the vulnerable.

And for the makers, learn something new in 2019 and teach someone something new.


5 Replies to “It’s 2019 – Happy New Year!”

  1. Gayle I am SO HAPPY we chatted about knitting while walking our dogs last year !! Our knitting group is so amazing !! I am thrilled to be learning how to knit (again!!). It is contagious – my daughter is excited to be knitting a toque and other friends have been inspired to find their needles and wool and start creating !!! You are awesome!!!! I am a little apprehensive about the sock project but game to try!!

  2. As Co-Chair of the Durham Region 2019 Ontario Parasport Games, I wanted to express my gratitude for all the toques knit by your group. We chose to launch this initiative as part of our commitment to sustainability. We also wanted to gift the athletes and coaches with something that came from the heart of our community. Thank you for helping us make that happen. I hope that you will come watch the athletes compete and see them proudly wearing your toques from Feb. 8-10.

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