It’s Been Too Long – But I Do Have Excuses and the Gift of a Magical Cable For You

Do these excuses count?

  • 3 new patterns and samples, tech edited and printed, soon to hit Ravelry
  • YarnOver SleepOver Retreat 2018, all done
  • 2 new classes inaugurated at the retreat
  • working with a talented woodworker friend to create innovative, wooden knitgear
  • the chaos of a new kitchen under construction in a very small house
  • life – wonderful husband and very demanding poodle, both of whom would object to being last on this list

It feels like those should count as good reasons, but clearly I’ve been feel guilty – like a bad person – or I wouldn’t even be asking the darned question.

Did I make a commitment to blog every few weeks? Yes I did!

How long has it been? Do I have to count? I do, it’s been 6 long weeks.

So I wanted to show you something magical – magic created with yarn and needles, now that I’ve returned.

Reversible Cables is one of my new classes. Reversibility is almost an obsession with me. All the patterns I’ve designed (well, the few I’ve designed) including the 3 new ones I’ll show you soon, are reversible. They may not be identical on both sides but each one has something worth looking at on the wrong side, not just the right.

I think my reversible obsession started with seed stitch. I love it; I have from my very first days of knitting, but what I really wanted to knit was cables. But most cables are not pretty things on the wrong side. They were a problem for me – until I took a class with designer/teacher Lily Chin, inventor of Ribbles, and made this afghan.

It was a revelation. It changed my knitting life & I wanted to pass on what I learned. In class, students make a long swatch of 6 different reversible cables. At the top of this post is a photo of that swatch.

All the cables in the swatch look the same on the right side and the wrong side, but, it is possible to knit cables that look very different on each side. Here’s the magic I promised –

This is the right side of what I call the Magical Cable.


And this is the wrong side of the Magical Cable. Isn’t that just amazing?



The trick is in the theory that Lily Chin put forward and has explored in detail – ribs are a reversible stitch –  why not use ribs to make cables? She called them Ribbles. Her book, Power Cables, is wonderful resource if you are similarly obsessed with reversibility or cables.

Here’s my chart if you’d like to try it. Enjoy! If you do try it, let me know what you think.

3/3 RC – Slip next 3 stitches onto cable needle and hold at back of work. P1, k1, p1 from left needle, p1, k1, p1 from cable needle.

3/3 LC – Slip next 3 stitches to cable needle and hold at front. P1, k1, p1 from left needle, p1, k1, p1 from cable needle.


12 Replies to “It’s Been Too Long – But I Do Have Excuses and the Gift of a Magical Cable For You”

  1. You have been one busy bee – plus a kitchen re-do – WOW!

    Those cables are beautiful. Will have to give them a try and can’t wait for the new patterns.

    I’m always excited when I see a new post of yours in my box. I don’t mind the time between posts – I would rather have quality over quantity any day.

    1. Thank you, Kathryn. You’ve made my day. Do let me know about how you find the magical cable. I found it such fun.

  2. Thank you for sharing this cable chart. I was disappointed to not be able to take your class at YOSO this year (so hopefully you’ll be repeating it next year). I’m always excited to read your blog posts and you should definitely not be feeling guilty about any delay given all that you’ve had on the go. Or ever, for that matter. If it had been me, and a kitchen reno was on the list, that’s all that would have been there. Full stop. Looking forward to release of your patterns.

  3. I am bummed that I could not take your class (but as you know I was teaching a dye class myself at the time). I heard great things about that class from students. Private lesson maybe? I’ll trade you yarn for that, you want more yarn right? LOL
    – Lyn

  4. Though I don’t knit, I love the excitement about this! It is cool indeed, the pattern! I can’t wrap my head around the chart/code. Too technical for me! ;-DDD

    1. Isn’t it a wonderful world where we can be delighted by all the possible and surprising skills and talents while the technique remains a mystery?

  5. I so wish you lived in Australia Gayle! Love this post and can’t wait for the new patterns. Sounds as if you’re due for a nice break somewhere.

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