It’s That Celebratory Season – We Need Cookies and Gift Tags

Whatever your holiday tradition, I wish you and your families joy, peace, and the time to do whatever your heart tells you.

I’ve been baking and knitting – new designs, no Christmas knitting this year, although one of the designs is ultimately for my husband – and have had the pleasure of participating in what I believe is the first international cookie exchange.

Giulia, the warm and talented woman behind Juls’ Kitchen, floated the idea of a cookie swap for subscribers to her site. Participation had to be confirmed just a few weeks ago and Giulia matched up bakers from each country. Too bad that shipping food across borders is no longer possible. There may be some weed in those cookies!

70 people from 7 countries jumped in – Italy, Canada, France, Hungary, Poland, United Kingdom, & United States. As Giulia said, “It is a nice way to share some Christmas sweetness… these days we really need it.” Do we ever!

I received a lovely Christmas package, the biscotti and chocolate you see above, from Liliana who lives in Laval, Quebec. It’s such fun to receive a parcel in the mail. I suppose we get a bit jaded about that with the Amazon purchases that some of us make, but it does make me feel like a kid again.

The biscotti are delicious! My traitorous husband prefers Liliana’s to mine. I think I may, too.

For great writing about food, cookbooks, and recipes, see Liliana’s site, My Cookbook Addiction. When we were matched, Liliana took a look at my site and said, ” You blog about things close to my heart, food, dogs and knitting.” We are a great match.

I sent Liliana shortbread in the Scottish tradition and a confection called Pecan Fudgies.  The shortbread are a staple around our house at Christmas and have been since the recipe appeared in Cook’s Illustrated November/December 2001. Pecan bars appeared rather later. Both are seriously addictive.


If you are one of the knitters or crocheters who have knitworthy family and friends, you might like these free downloadable gift cards from Sheep and Stitch. So cute.

I wish you a lovely season, full of good cheer, cookies, and satisfying knitting.










7 Replies to “It’s That Celebratory Season – We Need Cookies and Gift Tags”

  1. Thank you, Gayle for the holiday wishes and the very cute gifting tags. The cookie exchange idea sounds intriguing, enjoy those goodies.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family including dogs.

    1. Thank you, Ivy! So many amazing things are possible online now.
      The very bad yarn eating dog had a pre-Christmas yarn chew this morning. He’s getting a new toy at Christmas and I’m sure he’ll be very happy. Thank you for your wishes.

  2. Gayle, now this post is for me!! I want that shortbread and fudgie pecans! Wanna do an exchange across 5km on the 401? Wishing you and Brian a most lovely holiday. We will have everyone over soon — the renos are officially 4 weeks away from being done.

  3. Gayle, the international cookie exchange is so cool! How lovely that you were paired with Liliana who loves the same things as you. I laughed out loud at “my traitorous husband”. Great Christmas post :)

  4. What a “sweet” idea. Your shortbread looks so yummy. And how nice to take part in that exchange. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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