Outrageous Husband, Cracked Fingers, Shoebox Project, & Saved Sweater,

Oh, Man, It’s Cold! Therefore Cracked Fingers

So I was sitting knitting the other day, watching some Netflix thing with my husband and I said, “My finger hurts. I think I cut it.” He asked if it was split. He was right; it was, and the others on my right hand were showing signs of following the index finger. He said, “Go and put Bag Balm on it.” And I said, “I can’t do that, I’m knitting.” And he said, “Stop knitting.”

Outrageous Husband

Stop knitting? Can you believe it? What a totally outrageous thing to say to a knitter! What a totally outrageous thing to say to me! My answer, “No, I cannot do that.” You would think he knew me after all these years. Priorities are priorities after all.

I applied Bag Balm on the splits that night. It’s a wonderful product originally created for sore cow udders by two North American Dairy Associations, one in Vermont, one in Quebec. If you don’t know about it, you might want to read a terrific story right here. It’s reported that the gorgeous Shania Twain, born in Timmins, Ontario, uses it all over her body. Fake news? I doubt it.

The Shoebox Project

The photo above is an in progress headband of Shelridge Yarn frogged from another project. Good knitters do reskein used yarn before knitting it. You can tell that I didn’t. You can just see the yarn eating poodle to the right taking an unhealthy interest in that squiggly ball.

The headband, Green Forest, designed by Renate Ridley, is for me, but it’s also part of The Shoebox Project, a charitable giving project of the YarnOver SleepOver Retreat team. We’re choosing free headband patterns, designed by us or chosen from Ravelry, making and donating them, and suggesting that our retreat attendees participate, too. The Shoebox Project is a North America-wide program if you are looking for a knitting donation project.

This pattern is well written; it’s seed stitch and cables, my personal favourite combo. I’m adding a few more stitches to the centre panel to make it wider. You can also make two buttonholes and put buttons on it for different circumference heads. Or use heavier or lighter weight yarn. It’s infinitely customizable for any head size.

Saved Sweater

Many moons ago I made a Mermaid Sweater, Hanne Falkenberg design, in the Black, Kingfisher, and Cypress colour way. If you zip down to the last photo on the Ravelry page, you’ll see the colour way and also see how big this sweater can be. I had, too often still have, a habit of making sweaters too big and I did with this one, too.  It was a ton of work (fingering weight yarn) but I learned so much making it and enjoyed that, but I think I wore it once or maybe twice.

It sat until I thought – either I donate this to the Salvation Army Store or I felt it and see what happens – if nothing else, it might be turned into good mitts. I threw it into the washer on warm with a little soap and a towel and let it run.

Surprise – it felted beautifully. It fits. It needs a pin to hold the waist in – it’s curvy. I really like it now. I’ll wear it.





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  1. I have to tell you that it is very brave to felt a Hanne Falkenberg. I don’t think I’ve ever been brave like that.

    1. Well, it did take years to come to the decision and it made me quite sad to see it sitting and not looking good when I wore it. Not so much brave, I don’t think, but more like resigned. Something had to be done! Thank you, Deborah.

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