Perfect Fall Sweater & Perfect Sweater Folding

Handknit designer Mary Annarella, Lyrical Knits, writes to the knitting community every few weeks or so and I always read her posts. She’s funny, engaging, and always has something interesting to say about knitting, designing, and from time to time, singing.

Mary’s latest design, Heart of Glass, (named for a song by Debbie Harry) constructed in a silky yarn, is terrific right now for whichever hemisphere you live in.  She is offering this pattern to her subscribers, and mine, at 40% off on Ravelry with the code – blondie – through Monday, October 30th. Thanks, Mary. I especially love the sleeveless version.

Last week’s message from Mary at Lyrical Knits was about hangups. As my mother-in-law, who died recently  at age 98, used to say, “We all have our funnies.” Such a good thing to remember.

Mary wrote about hangups of the sweater variety, not the personal variety –  the annoying creases that appear when knits are stacked in a drawer. Or the poked out shoulder that a wire hanger causes.

Here’s the method she shared, found on Pinterest.

  • start with a padded hanger and your sweater
  • fold the sweater in half vertically
  • place the hanger under the sweater so the hook sticks out from the sweater’s armpit
  • lift

That’s it. Mary’s before and after photos featuring her Michelle, Ma Belle sweater, show the process. Pressing sweaters is neither enjoyable, nor particularly good for them, so I’ll be heading out to find my own padded hangers this weekend.

She Persisted is a free pattern of Mary’s, created in 48 hours as her contribution to the  the Pussyhat project. “Persisting in spite of obstacles is something that resonates deeply for me, and it was something I felt compelled to do”, she writes.

You may have cashmere sweaters to hangup or you may be considering buying or making one. I voraciously read anything I come across about fibres and this article from the British Daily Mail had lots of information about quality and how to select a cashmere garment that’s worth buying. There are so many around right now, at different price points, and I found this article really useful as well as interesting. Beware, there are quite a few annoying ads, but it’s worth it to press on to the end.

Being the animal lover I am, this image of a cashmere goat interests almost a much as the luscious fibre that’s collected from its belly.

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