Screen Time Rehab

I have been increasingly consumed by Twitter. It started innocently enough, wanting to know what Donald Trump was saying right after his election, but it’s turned into an addiction. It’s so unhealthy. There’s a part of me that knows that screen time sucks me in and wastes my time but I still have been doing it. Twitter, lots of knitting designer posts, Ravelry, Instagram, Cook’s Illustrated, Knitty, Quince, Twist, the Guardian, the New Yorker. It goes on and on. Very little Facebook. I’m happy for that. You may notice that I haven’t added links because I likely would just be sucked in and stay there, and not write this.

This has become worse because I had foot surgery and haven’t been mobile – one month not using my right foot. There is a foot inside that impressive cast/bandage.

The Plan

It’s rehab time, screen rehab time, and I’m going public. Here’s the plan –

  • no screen time first thing in the morning – writing is OK, so mail has to be closed the night before.
  • set times to look at mail – twice a day – learned that from designer Deb Gemmell some time ago, but haven’t instituted it. And silence the warning ding that a new message has arrived – done.
  • Instagram’s good – such a happy place to see what friends and knitting and cooking folk are up to. Go just twice a day. Ignore the messages that appear on my phone and iPad. Does anyone know how to turn those off?
  • Set time limits.
  • Unfollow Donald Trump on Twitter. Done that. More unfollows to come.

The Dog

So why is there a dog in the main photo? (That’s Hugo, the yarn eating poodle, looking especially gorgeous after a recent trim.) It’s a dog because there is something very special on Twitter that I visit everyday – after seeing that Glenna C., Romi, Cat Bordhi and some other terrific knit designers were followers.

It’s #thoughtsofdog. There are 1.3 million followers; 1.3 million people feeling happy and smiling once a day. It’s funny and it’s sweet; it’s the best thing on Twitter. I’ll read the same tweet and laugh each time. Not sure if they are just for dog people. Let me know what you think about that. Here are some samples –

“sometimes. certain areas of the floor can be tastier. than others. this has been a puplick surface announcement”

“gooooob morning. the human made waffles. and i got to taste one. what i’m trying to say. is never give up on your dreams”

“sometimes. after a passionate bork. my tooth can get stuck. on the outside of my mouth. and i become way less intimidating. than is ideal”

Makes me giggle.

More Online Stuff I’m Glad I Stumbled Across

Here are a few things that have interested me online – some about knitting –

“To become good at anything you have to know how to apply basic principles. To become great at it, you have to know when to violate those principles.” – Garry Kasparov

A dog cafe opened in Manhattan. Not like a cat cafe; you need to take your own dog, not hang out with random dogs although the proprietors do have two. Coffee for dog owners and a place to hang out with dogs, and knit, I think.

Here’s a New York Times article about How to Start Knitting (and Learn to Love It). Forward to the uninitiated and the lapsed.

This is a bit old, but I just love it. The Finnish Olympic Team knitted their way through their down time, making a huge scarf. There’s a photo of a coach knitting at the top of the slope style course.

I’ll report on my rehab. Suggestions welcome.


12 Replies to “Screen Time Rehab”

  1. Recuperating means knitting! ! Thought provoking post Gayle. I too got addicted to Twitter, probably at the same time as you did, driven by curiosity about the US election and its aftermath. But I’ve found that news of the US makes me unhappy, so I’ve stopped incessantly following it, on any platform. I allow myself to watch the news only once per day. I’ve taken my avoidance of watching news and channeled that time to my Day One app for journalling. I journal every day, sometimes more than once a day, and have been at it for over 4 years. There’s a number of apps that can help you manage/monitor your screen time too. Space is supposed to be a good one. I’d be interested to know just how much time of my day I’m on my devices, viewing the things I enjoy instead of actually doing them.

    1. There’s a whole army of us wasting our time because of the beckoning screen. What if we all did something about what outrages us instead? I feel so impotent and am writing to MPs and MPPs and sending money to causes that call out to me. Small things. Some things.
      A friend and I just started writing everyday to improve our writing skills and I’m finding it is an excellent substitute. I’m so impressed with your 4 years of journalling.

  2. There’s an amazing world out there. You’ll need it for your rehab. Hope all is going well. Love your post. I’ll have to read some of the links. They sound awesome!!

  3. Good post Gayle. If you go to your settings on your phone/iPad, and go to Notifications, you can turn them off or on for each app. Perhaps that will help the process. Let’s chat soon. Sending healing thoughts.

  4. I’m back on track only checking emails twice a day. When it starts to get out of hand, like checking every hour, I know I’m trying to avoid something else. Ha, ha, procrastination can take so many forms. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Thank you for this great post, Gayle! I love the Finnish team in particular (and Hugo!)
    I hope you are doing better. Sending warm thoughts your way.

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