The Hell We Face Right Now

I haven’t been here, writing to you in so long. I’ve been focusing on other things. But this is not about me, it’s about where we find ourselves.

We are all guilty.

We have let this slide by.

We have ignored the racism in our souls, the fear we feel when we walk by a black man on the street; a chill that we get from black boys in a group. And this is in Canada, in Pickering, Ontario.

People say, ” I know how you feel.”

I do not know how you feel, I do not know how people in the States feel when police shoot peaceful protesters, when, a woman trying to get up after being shoved to the ground and is shoved again by a cop in riot gear, and her friend tries to help her. He is smashed to the ground; how does that feel? I have not felt that either.

How do we not become furious? How do they not become furious? How do they walk the streets of LA peacefully today? How do they restrain themselves?

I want to do what I can and what I can do is write, and I do write to my politicians, all levels, and talk to people, members of the choir usually. Who else do we know?

Here is a small thing I am doing. I’m donating money to Black Lives Matter – Toronto –  – and donating the selling prices of my patterns on Ravelry to Black Lives Matter in the area the purchaser is from. Here are my patterns.

Let’s do the small things we can.

(The photo? – just a dark day on Lake Ontario.)




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