There’s a Squirrel on My Bed!

My husband and a red squirrel have an on-going battle for dominance in our back yard.  Invariably, the red squirrel chatters his displeasure when anyone enters his domaine.

There’s a pathway that runs from a nearby walnut tree. Said squirrel uses it as his/her main transport route to secret places in Brian’s wood cribs. We heat with a wood stove – my site is called Knits From The Woodlot for good reason. Wood cribs are essential to protect the gathered, cut, split, and stacked bounty of maple, ash, and apple to allow it to dry before burning.

Someone loves to chew holes in those wood cribs and find unique and secret ways to store walnuts for a long hard cold winter.

His arch enemy, the man, rails against this practice, destroys the caches, and limits the opportunities. Well, tries to limit the opportunities.

The score so far, several years in – red squirrel 1, man 0.

The husband needed a duvet cover and I found fantastic cotton material. While on this shopping venture with a friend, and after telling her about the on-going battle with said red squirrel, she spotted this wee cushion. Perfect. I bought it. We made a plan – I would make the duvet cover and place the squirrel just so for a surprise.

What you see at the top of this post is what he saw when he flipped on the light. Great trick. He laughed; he shouted, ‘There’s a squirrel on my bed!” I laughed. He shouted again, outraged, “There’s a squirrel on my bed!” We both laughed.

So much fun. The cushion wasn’t banished. It was last seen squished under the man’s head.

The score last night –  man 1, red squirrel cushion 0.

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