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Guest Blog for Lyn Gemmell, Shelridge Yarns

If you read my last blog post, you know that for me, walking with ease, even walking with both feet flat on the ground, is not likely for some time. My friend Lyn is moving and I’ve struggled with how to help until an idea hit – I can write a guest blog for her website. It’s right here, too.

Lyn is the proprietor of Shelridge Yarns. She has been kettle dyeing 72 glorious shades of yarn in her barn, behind her house in Woodville, Ontario, for nearly 7 years.


Lives change, sometimes in good ways, sometimes in bad. Most times we have no idea whether a change is a good one or a bad one until way past the inciting event.

Because of a life change, Lyn and her husband have sold their house, their land, and the kettle dyeing yarn barn. Visiting her office/storeroom stacked almost to the ceiling with yarn in just about every colour and weight imaginable was such a delight, not just for the yarn, but also because of Lyn’s pleasure, passion, and excitement.

Lyn hand paints yarn, too. I think that’s her favourite process. I think those yarns tell a story about her and I like that story very much.

The photo below is a wild selection of hand paints and at the beginning of this post is a colourway named Loons on the Lake, inspired by those magnificent birds off the shore at her Camp .

At the end of this month, Lyn is moving to Gravenhurst to a cottage, a new place to live. There’s no room for the business but Lyn will be searching out a new kettle dyeing space when she arrives in town. We will not be deprived.

Meanwhile, Lyn tells me that website orders will continue although her Etsy store will be on vacation for a while. Yarn packages from Lyn will not likely arrive with the usual break-neck speed, but arrive they will. 

This is one determined woman. You can find Lyn at two shows, a very exciting new one, the Fibre Spirit Festival, in Barrie, Ontario on August 25th and the Kitchener Waterloo Knitter’s Fair on September 8th.

Be sure to check out the Fibre Spirit Festival Instagram feed. The photos are so fabulous you will feel like you must go if you live any where near Barrie. With apologies to my subscribers who live elsewhere.

10 Replies to “This Is For Lyn”

    1. Excellent idea! I’m thinking about Gravenhurst in the Fall – yarny/dyeing weekend – sleeping bags? Are we too old for that?

  1. Indeed, a lovely well earned tribute. Lyn’s yarn is so lovely to work with and comes in so many luscious colours. With her passion, it won’t be long before she has found a new location to keep things going. Then you will both be back on your feet! God’s speed.

  2. Thanks for letting us know about Lyn’s new adventures! Her yarn is wonderful – I knit a lot with it! The Fibre Spirit Festival sounds interesting, and Barrie an easy drive – looking forward to it and seeing Lyn there.

  3. A huge smacking big kiss to Gayle! Kind, thoughtful and helpful as she hobbles about! So far I’ve only told family and close friends so I guess I better “get the word out” and this is a great start.
    I’m up to my ears in packing and still sending out orders. A short closing on the house means extreme deadlines but I wanted to take the time to say thank you – and watch this space as I’m sure Gayle will let you know where I am when I get set up ;-)

  4. Wonderful tribute Gayle and thanks for keeping us abreast of Lyn’s new adventure. To Lyn….you can run, but you can’t hide!! Lovers of your yarn will find you 😉😉. I’m a huge fan of Shelridge yarns. They’re a dream to work with and available in such a huge spectrum of colours. Good luck with this life change Lyn, and Gayle, keep us posted. Huge hugs to you both.

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