Three New Patterns – 30% Off For a Very Limited Time

I have mixed feelings –

  • I want people to knit the patterns that I’ve created.
  • I want to be rewarded for the time, effort, and money that went into creating my patterns.

I could offer my patterns for free, but that just doesn’t feel that it honours either the work that I put into making patterns nor the work that many other talented designers put into their creations. I am lucky to not be dependant upon selling designs to feed a family or pay rent. Many designers do find themselves in that situation.

As a new designer and I do need to find ways to promote my patterns to ensure they appear to knitters who may be interested in them. Offering my new patterns at 30% off for a limited time seems like a way to hew a middle ground.

So here’s the deal – my three new designs, Yesterday’s Sunrise, the Tickle Inn Scarf, and the Boxwood Shawl are all 30% off on Ravelry from Saturday morning when you receive this post to midnight on Sunday, May 13th. No code is needed.

I’d like to know what you think of my thoughts about this. It’s hard work moving from an idea or inspiration to a finished pattern – one that’s fully ready to be successfully reproduced by another knitter. And that further complicates the whole idea of offering a discount.

Knit designers have written on this topic from time to time. Beatrice Perron Dahlen, aka Thread and Ladle, has just published a post attempting to answer this question about the latest pdf that excited your interest, “…have you ever wondered what went into creating it?” It’s worth reading.


Here’s a bit about these new patterns of mine. I hope you enjoy reading about them and I’d be delighted if you bought one and made it.

The yarn used in Yesterday’s Sunrise, photo above, was custom dyed by Lyn Gemmell, Shelridge Yarns. She liked this new pattern of mine and wanted know what colours I favoured. This was the sunrise that morning and I could think of nothing better to send Lyn.

Here’s the yarn she created. I think it’s likely she could be persuaded to dye more if she is asked nicely. Find Lyn’s email on the Shelridge site.

The Tickle Inn Scarf was inspired by Fleece Artist’s Canada 150 yarn, the Gros Morne colour way. My husband and I loved our trip to Newfoundland and this yarn beautifully expresses that amazing province. The scarf was knit for my husband and here he is as a first time model. I think he looks great.

Like all my patterns, the Tickle Inn Scarf is reversible. The “wrong” side looks different from the “right” side, but still nice.






The Boxwood Shawl is a large, drapey, Gansey-inspired wrap, knit on the bias. This triangular shawl is deeply bordered by garter stitch and the Gansey stitch double diamond panel runs the length of the shawl. It’s reversible, too, naturally.

Happy Mother’s Day to all who are celebrating on Sunday.

7 Replies to “Three New Patterns – 30% Off For a Very Limited Time”

  1. Gorgeous patterns (gorgeous husband). Thank you for the discount on your patterns. I do think that you should charge fairly for them, as well. You need to be rewarded for your time, patience and creativity. Lovely post.

  2. If we have no issues charging for finished pieces we should have no issues charging for the time and ingenuity that created them. #notjustknitting :-)

  3. Beautiful new designs! I thought the Thread and Ladle piece very thoughtful and on target. I too have heard fellow knitters who would like all patterns to be free, which I find unrealistic and does not recognize the value of the creativity and sheer hard work that goes into these patterns that we lust after. I think of how much many of us have paid for commercial sewing patterns (if you don’t sew, believe me, some are astonishingly expensive). Please keep designing, your patterns are both classic and doable.

  4. As a wannabe knitter I would never think that a pattern would be free So yes there should be a charge for patterns.
    I love all three of your creations and wonder if they would be suitable for someone relatively in experienced? I do have knitting experts in my midst to help out – including you Gayle!!! Hope to c u in the park this morning !!!

    1. With a little help you could make these. Maybe start with the scarf or cowl. We could start the knitting group we’ve been talking about have a knitalong, all making the same thing.

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