Want a Project Bag?

One day after my husband came up with the name, Knits From The Woodlot, for my design label,  I drew this little logo.   

I just drew it. I am not an artist by any means.                                                                           It came out of pure inspiration. Straight from brain to Sharpie.

I love it. It works in all kinds of places. A friend had it applied to a mug for my birthday. I’ve had a few bags made & I want to give one away to one of you. It’s smallish, definitely a project bag. It’s lined and has nice long handles. Giving one away is my small, public celebration of Canada Day.

If the bag appeals to you, send me an email with Send Me the Bag in the subject line to knitsfromthewoodlot@gmail.com by the end of Canada Day, July 1, 2018. I’ll put the names in a  random generator and pick one. You do not have to be Canadian to receive this bag!

A company called Red Bubble creates the bags and you can find them for sale here  along with an astonishing array of art from all over the world. You’ll find thousands of images displayed on everything from i-Phone cases to t-shirts to pillows to water bottles and on and on.  I found out about Red Bubble in a post from Marsha White, proprietor of the NeedleArts Bookshop. She’s offering her textured and cabled stitches on lots of Red Bubble products. I love the inspiration of her beautiful knitted swatch images appearing in unusual places.

If you happen to be a fan of dogs, there are lots of options on Red Bubble. My first purchase was this tote bag, poodle of course.

Anyone can be a Red Bubble artist. Go for it! I thought it would be excellent to see Brioche on totes and t-shirts and water bottles and note books, but only the food is displayed, not the stitch. Let’s fix that!




11 Replies to “Want a Project Bag?”

  1. What a great idea with the bag(s)! Love both the poodle and the trees, and just the concept. They look really good, too, and sturdy. For those of us with many projects that need to be separated out and held by long handles! ;-)

  2. Hello Gayle:

    If you knit you are a knitter, if you paint you are a painter and if you draw you are an artist :-) Add it to your resume :-) you passed the audition !! Your logo looks really great.


    Cheryl McNally
    p.s. I also sent this is in a private email, did not see this reply option till after.

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