What a Wonderful Weekend!

It snowed this weekend, not so much that we were snowed in, just enough that the roads were sticky and the landscape was beautiful. Wonderful things happened this weekend.

On Saturday January 19th, Women’s Marches were held in cities all over the world. The first one was held 2 years ago, the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, in protest. I attended that one in spirit only but was very happy to attend the Women’s March in Toronto in person this year.

Better late than never is my Pussy hat, too. I was successful in persuading the beautiful friend, see her photo up above, to march with me and to knit a Pussy hat, too.


Why march? In solidarity with all women. A quote that says it all for me, “I’m with her, and her, and her…” See what many women had to say right here.

We marched, too, for the reason expressed on this button.




An angel appeared when I was just starting to shovel my driveway and asked if I had another shovel. We did the whole thing in 15 minutes while our dogs played. The angel’s name is Suzanne. We had never met.

And Hugo got to play/fight with two dogs. Happy poodle! Happy weekend!


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