What I Learned at Camp

In 2017, Camp was not the Guide Camp of decades ago, rather a weekend away with fellow knitters on the north shore of Lake Huron. Backpacks were in order then, knitting bags now, like the perfect-for-the-weekend one pictured.

What else was different?

  • There were 4 of us, not 30.
  • Cooking was on a stove and BBQ, not over an open fire.
  • Food was much better, although appetites were not quite as ravenous.
  • There was wine and beer.
  • Sleep was in actual comfy beds, not in tents on rocky ground, flesh barely protected by sleeping bag and groundsheet.
  • There was a bathroom with a toilet, not holes in the ground that we campers dug ourselves.
  • There was a shower, not a frigid lake, although there was a frigid lake.
  • No badges were earned; lots was learned. We worked on projects, but none were finished, despite intense efforts.

Isn’t this a gorgeous spot?

Here’s what I learned at Camp –

  • A coffin sweater has patterning on the front only.
  • Vitamin B6 is helpful for nerve pain.
  • This is a flattering and nifty way to tie a scarf.
  • Chaiogoo stitch markers fit inside one another. Who knew?
  • It’s easier to drive at night in the rain wearing Polarized sunglasses.
  • Shellac is made from the resin of lac beetles.
  • How to grab an app on a Mac.
  • It’s perfectly OK to ask others for their opinion when you are in the midst of designing a pattern.

And here’s what we worked on –

Jen’s was a mosaic scarf. 

Lyn designed a truly Canadian blanket in her Classic Big Yarn.









Trish brought the terrific bag and worked on a wrap in Americo yarn.

And I worked on a new design of mine – a triangular shawl with diamond Gansey patterning. Reversible of course!

And we talked and laughed. Some things just don’t change.

Great time at Camp.




8 Replies to “What I Learned at Camp”

  1. Sounds like a fantastic time. Was this a private retreat? I’m close to the sandy shores of Lake Huron and I think this is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Were you just north of Lexington? I ask that because there used to be a Girl Scout camp there back in the 50’s.

    1. It was terrific. We were on the Ontario shore, not far from Blind River at a place owned by one of the weekenders. My Guide Camp was Doe Lake in Muskoka.
      I love that wild country and the lakes.

  2. It was, indeed, a wonderful weekend. I think we all learned a lot. So good of Gayle to write it all down! Great friends, great location, great food, great creativity, fun knitting. We had it all. Thanks to Lyn for hosting. Looking forward to doing it again next year.

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